In short...

... C-Peak is an innovative way to communicate with everyone in Slovak Telekom.

It is a WebRTC proof of concept implementation to get in touch easily, in high quality, and uncoupled from telephony.


This service is called "C-Peak" - pronounced as "speak".

The origin of the name was its predecessor and development name "C-Broker". From the beginning on the highlight was "communications", abbreviated with "C". With the publication of the application and after long internal assessment the decision has been made for a new, catchier name "C-Peak".

The name leaves enough space for interpretations, and for us it highlights many things that are closely associated with this application:

  • The service is pronounced as "speak", which is the most important part of human interaction and highlights the core function of the service: Allow people to talk to each other.
  • Since we also have added video one could see that incorporated in the letter "C" (the letter can be pronounced "see").
  • The "C" ought to incorporate all types of communication that can happen using the service: voice, video, and also messaging.
  • The full name highlights that we are past peak telephony, but fully in a new area of communications. We believe that this is a first step highlighting the potential we have now using the web for communication.

The suggestion has been made by Tomas Sustr, who shall be thanked and acknowledged hereby.

Service Provider

This service is provided by Slovak Telekom, a.s. (ST).

The disclaimer applies for using the service.


This proof of concept web application has been implemented using great open-source tools:


Dev release
  • Added call statistics for every user
  • Added webinar about C-Peak and future communication services to the doc section
2015-09-01 v1.3
  • Updated Node modules, fixed various bugs, incorporated feedback
  • Gravatar integration (external service to provide profile avatars)
  • Added different view and call statistics for customer service representatives
  • Started translation to Slovak (customer service view only for now)
2015-01-12 v1.2
  • Bug fixes (thanks to all who reported after launch, several exceptional JS errors found thanks to Bugsnag)
  • Messaging between guests and host added
  • Hangup handling improved (bug fixes, fix for remaining hang up button, added hang up button for guests, permit trigger via connected guests)
  • Design improvements (new right sidebar, link to conference)
2014-11-25 v1.1
  • Bug fixes, further improvements
  • Updated documentation, improved parts to be more explanatory
  • Link Android phone to current session
2014-09-30 v1.0
  • Bug fixes, improvements
  • Enabled Intranet/Internet communication, improved media handling
  • Added links to documentation for registered users, incl. two demo videos
  • Redirect for non-WebRTC browsers to download supported browsers on desktop and mobile
  • Fixed internal/external TURN servers for full internal roll-out
  • Link to answer incoming communication requests directly on your Android phone
2014-08-29 v0.5
  • Improved security settings of the application (XSS and CSRF protection)
  • Permit only mail addresses
  • Renamed "C-Broker" to "C-Peak" and added description for the name
  • Improved analytics
  • Added stream control buttons
2014-07-28 v0.4
  • New design optimized for widescreen monitors, bigger remote party video
  • Browser check (error message if WebRTC not supported)
  • Play audio when new guest joins
  • Directly access on Android when pinged
2014-07-16 v0.3
  • Code review (optimization, improved load time of web pages)
  • Prevent app being terminated in rare circumstances (i.e. bug fixing)
  • Verification workflow improved
    • Mail verification and phone number normalization added
    • Phone number inputs verified and added to main page for all users
  • Invite others from your portal via E-mail
2014-07-07 v0.2
  • First public release for internal Application & Platform Innovation department usage.


The 1.0 release on 30. September 2014 has been a great milestone. A lot of internal development - the first time in that scale on a new technological topic - has matured enough that we feel confident to "fully" release the first version.

This does not mean that everything will work perfectly, or that improvements are not necessary. It does however imply that the features are as we planned them for release and that we also ran enough tests that the basic functionality is stable enough.

We will extend this demo of course, below are some of the plans we have - all related to proving different aspects of the new communications paradigm further.

Future plans
  • Further improve multi-device support
  • Desktop notification when others want to contact you
More ideas?
Great! Get in touch directly or submit a report with your idea!

Version info

This program has been deployed at 2016-11-08.

The current version is 1.3.4-prod.

The deployed release (tag) is 1.3.6_staging_6411ca4.

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