This software is highly experimental.

It is a proof of concept implementation and does by no means guarantee to be functional at all times, or at any time.

Telekom Disclaimer

  1. Processing and protection of personal data
    1. As a user I hereby give the provider voluntarily and knowingly consent to the processing of my personal data referred to in point 1.3 a).
    2. Processed personal data are necessary for the use of the WebRTC application and the purpose of processing personal data is user registration.
    3. The user grants consent to the provider for the duration of the contractual relationship
      1. to make personal data available in the WebRTC application and WebRTC communication tools intended for internal communication: title, name, email and contact phone number. It is also possible to process a photograph (user’s portrait) on the basis of the user’s personal decision.
    4. The User may at any time revoke such consent via the WebRTC application. After the withdrawal of consent, the user will not be able to use the WebRTC application anymore.
    5. In case of doubt or verification of opposing transparency processing of personal data, the user can at any time request the disclosure of information in writing pursuant to § 28 of the Personal Data Protection Act.
  2. Important providers‘s notice:
    1. The provider will not disclose processed personal data;
    2. Processed personal data will not be transferred to third countries;
    3. Personal data referred to in Article 1.3 a) are accessible only be users within the intranet ST network;
    4. Content of the transmitted messages is not stored;
    5. Personal data processed in the WebRTC application are not accessible or provided to any third party;
    6. The WebRTC application processes information about the place and type of connection and the history of contacted users for statistical and analytical purposes.
  3. Obligations of the user
    1. As the user I undertake to use the WebRTC application in a way, conforming to the laws and regulations of the Slovak Republic. In particular I will not disseminate defamatory, malicious, degrading and other illegal content through the application, and I am aware of the consequences of actions that would have the above attributes.

The user declares that he read the foregoing, understands the text and warnings, and is aware of the consequences of the use of the WebRTC application. The user confirms his consent to the processing of his personal data with acceptance.

This service is provided by Slovak Telekom, a.s. (ST).

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